In this Mario brother inspired game Princess the Princess was kidnapped by The King! However, she managed to send Mario a letter pleading for help! Help Mario rescue The Princess and get out of the castle before the King find you

Minimum 2 Players
Maximum 10 players
$35.00 per person




In this scary adventure takes place on the old carnival grounds. You get trapped in the Funhouse by the clowns. You must get out before they get you!

Minimum - 2 Players
Max - 10 Players
$35.00 per person



While on a ski vacation you get word that an Avalanche is fast approaching! You must get in the cabin, retrieve your ski equipment and get out before the avalanche hits!

Minimum 2 Players
Max - 10 players
$35.00 per person



You are trapped in a mine and must retrieve the Emerald before you run out of oxygen. Do  not be deceived by the diamonds and gold.....

Minimum - 2 Players
Max Players - 15
$35.00 per person



You are thrown back into the 90's and there is a totally awesome party happening and you totally want to go. You have to sneak out of the house before mom sees you or no awesome party!

Minimum Players - 2
Maximum Players - 10
$35.00 per person



An interactive escape room adventure! Can you putt putt you way through the room while solving the escape challenge. 

$10.00 Per person - Kids under 5 are free with regular admission.



Something very strange is going on in the prison.  Inmates disappearing The electric chair coming on at all hours of the night. And something is horribly wrong with the warden.. Can you find out what's going on and get out before the warden finds you?

Minimum - 2 players
- 10 Players
$35.00 per person


Discounts for First Responders, Military, Seniors 55+ and Parties.

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