Team Building 

The Great Escape gives teams a great opportunity to get out of the office and work together to complete a mission. In order to escape, you have to communicate well, you have to trust each other, and everyone has to fulfill different roles. Unlike other team building activities, The Great Escape forces people to work together and communicate in order to reach a shared goal. And without the distractions of phones and outside interactions, people really get to know their teammates and discover more about them. People not only find out about the strengths and weaknesses of their teammates but also of their own qualities that they bring to the team. These qualities all transfer back to the workplace plus you have some awesome memories to look back on as a team.

The  Great Escape  offers 60-minute adventures that engage all your senses and provide movie-like settings. You get to choose from a variety of themes to fit the preferences of your team. We have Classic Mario, Avalanche, Emerald Excavation, Escape the Funhouse and coming soon Plankton's Revenge, Compression and Party Time, But they all incorporate the general concepts of teamwork and problem solving.

So you can see why this concept may be so beneficial to businesses. Traditional team activities like company picnics or meetings tend to include a lot of talking, but not much in the way of actual problem solving practice. This activity allows people to flex those creative muscles in a really fun environment, rather than simply talking about solving problems. Flexing those muscles allows your team to get used to working alongside one another so that they can better complement each other in a business setting. It can also help you better get to know the unique strengths of your team.

So the next time you’re planning a company picnic or other generic event, it may be helpful to think creatively and find a more unique solution. 

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